About Us

About Us

Melen Soap Shop started with an idea. An idea to make handcrafted bath and body products that you will love.  Some bath and body products were born by our very own customers, where they gave us ideas of what kind of soap they were looking for.


It's our goal to provide you with the finest bath and body products you can buy. 


Melen Soap Shop is named in honor of my parents Rosa Melendez and Eddie Melendez. My parents worked very hard to support a family of five children. My father worked two jobs and my mother worked as a seamstress. She was a very crafty woman and did everything possible to make great things for us and our home.  Just like my mom,  I have always had a hand for craftiness, and found my passion in soap making.


All of our soaps are naturally made artisan soaps, hand crafted with the  finest natural ingredients.   


We make our soaps three different ways:

1.      Cold Process Soap 

2.      Hot Process Soap

3.      Melt & Pour Soap 


Thank you for visiting Melen Soap Shop.